Caravane Rose du Sable

Brahim & Karla Ahansal
Ouled Driss
M'Hamid el Ghizlane
Zagora / Marokko

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GPS: 29.8268  -5.6663
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We were able to welcome the first guests again. It's quite safe and calm here in the south, people have enough space to get out of their way and if you don't want to go to a big souq or sit in a taxi, then it's quite safe. The bottleneck is and will remain the journey (but here, too, you are with a lot of people with a negative PCR test) and the time after your return. For some, it gets complicated when you have to be quarantined after your vacation.
If you are in the mood for desert, you are very welcome. We would be happy to organize your arrival and departure so that you can enjoy your vacation as safely as possible.
Best regards
Karla Ahansal

One more film about a trip into the desert with our team.

We warmly welcome you at the caravane Rose du Sable 

herzlich willkommen bei Caravane Rose du Sable Caravane Rose du Sable is the name of our caravansary which we manage together with a campground and a guest house on our beautifuly property Iharine. Iharine is tamazight, the berber language, and means "well educated camel".
Iharine is a place which enables you taking a break from old habits, escaping from the pressure of our hectic times. Here you will give a timeout from the stress.

A place to pause, to reflect.

You find us a the edge of the Sahara in the province Zagora close to a small village named Ouled Driss. This is situated short before M'Hamid el Ghizlane, located a the end of the Draa valley, an unique and long river oasis with many date palms running from the Anti-Atlas to the Western Sahara. herzlich willkommen bei Caravane Rose du Sable
2006 Brahim Ahansal founded the caravansary together with his wife Karla Ahansal. herzlich willkommen bei Caravane Rose du Sable

Discover your love for the desert and for yourself. Immerse in the peace and silence of a fascinating, mostly unspoilt and deserted landscape.
Walk with us in natural speed through the word of the nomads, through sand dunes, stone deserts, canyons, small oasis, dry river beds and mountain ranges. Enjoy the always freshly prepared food, the bread, baked traditionally in the sand. Become familiar with the hospitality of the nomads and let invite you for a tea in their tents.

We lead and guide you offside the usual tourist paths totally according to your wishes. We enable an unforgetable, individual vacation.
herzlich willkommen bei Caravane Rose du Sable This can be one single night under a starry night or a trekking tour with a stay at the nomads lasting several weeks, personal yoga lessons and meditation in the desert or organised group trips by foot, on the back of a camel, in an off-road vehicle. On top of that everything can be combined.
Our tours lead for example through Jebl Bani with its Table Mountains and deep canyons, to Iourirn with its sparse hills, to the large sandy areas of the Erg Chegagga, the national park of Iriqui, the rocky desert (Hamada), the singing dune or along the Draa valley.
We also organize the trip to our place and back to the "civilsation". We can help you with longer roundtrips through morocco as well.

Please feel free to contact us. We gladly create a suitable vacation in line with your available budget together with you.

Our team is at home in the desert and shows you its habitat with pleasure. You receive a deep and authentic insight instead of touristic mainstream. Our employees are born and raised in the desert, still living in the tent with their families. They know the flora and fauna, wind and weather and therefore can react on any kind of circumstances best possible. Because your safety comes first!
Although other desert states are classiefied as dangerous again and again this does not apply for Morocco as the situation is stabile. Specially our region is far offside from the political activities.
You can hardly experience the desert saver as at our place and with us.

We are very much looking forward to welcome you at Iharine and in the desert.